Bebo Part II

Ok after a lot of messing around and thinking that Bebo was a broken platform I finally go my simple application to work.

I thought that the PHP library I was using was broken so I waited till the new version was released. Alas, it didn’t work either…
I was getting error 101, my application key was invalid.

Time to turn to the forums and I found this post

My site is hosted on Joyent so I added the code suggested

ini_set(‘arg_separator.output’, ‘&’);

and everything started working!


I’ve been playing with applications on Facebook for about 2 months.
Yesterday I decided to see if I could port some of them to Bebo. Well, I though Facebook was buggy but Bebo is clearly still in the early stages of application development.

I hope by tonight I might have something I can release.

First Post

Why start a blog? Why now? Isn’t it a little behind the times? Why start on on Blogger?
Why would anyone want to read anything I’ve got to say?

Well I woke up this morning with the urge to create a blog. That is the simple reason. Nothing more and nothing less.

The next question is Will I keep posting?