Now Fortnite users are here…

It seems that since Fortnite switched to the Unreal engine in Season 2 Chapter 2 some user have found that TimerResolution improves the game play. Some users are claiming using TimerResolution gives them more responsive game play, higher FPS, and lower ping times in Forenite. As always, the results you will get will depend on the system you are using, the drivers you have installed, and what other software you have running.

Make sure you download an install the genuine and original Timer Resolution here –

This will provide trouble free installation and supports Windows 10 with timers resolutions down to 0.5ms

Welcome reddit users

Server is getting slammed today due to a couple of links on reddit… I know lots of people use TimerResolution with Counter Strike and it seems that in the last 48 hours VAC decided that TimerResolution was a hack/cheat and automatically banned a bunch of users. They have seen the error of their ways and have now unblocked the users wrongly blocked. Good job Valve.

Timer Resolution and DPC Latency

I’m told one of the uses for TimerResolution is to help reduce DPC Latency on Windows. This is supposed to improve performance of many games and applications.

I suspect that all that is really happening is that some poorly written drivers are getting a boost.

A great utility to check the DPC Latency on your system is, try it with and without TimerResolution running and see if it makes any difference on your system.

Chromium Project uses Timer Resolution to debug battery life issue

Based on the information at it looks as if Timer Resolution has been used to identify and verify an issue with Chromium.

Chromium is the open-source project behind Google Chrome. I use Chrome every day on my work laptop and also no my netbook. I had no idea that Timer Resolution had helped to create such a great browser!

Nokia uses TimerResolution for LTE Network Tuning

I’ve been told that Nokia / Siemens is using TimerResolution as part of their LTE test and network setup and that it is listed on their internal Wiki at the following address

I can’t confirm this as it is an internal like but I can confirm that no one for that company has officially purchased the full version of TimerResolution 🙂

Maybe they didn’t find it useful.