Chromium Project uses Timer Resolution to debug battery life issue

Based on the information at it looks as if Timer Resolution has been used to identify and verify an issue with Chromium.

Chromium is the open-source project behind Google Chrome. I use Chrome every day on my work laptop and also no my netbook. I had no idea that Timer Resolution had helped to create such a great browser!

Math Editor in Windows 7

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been playing with Windows 7, I also just download a legit version for the 64bit edition from Microsoft, you can too from

Something that I stumbled upon when clicking around in the menus was the Math Editor. I wish I had this back in my Uni days, you can see a quick review at

Basically it turns your scratchy math equations into nicely formatted equations. Now if this is compatible with a symbolic solver like MatLab then this will be a very nice tool for more than just reports.

Windows 7 – First Take

Got my first hands on look at Windows 7 today. It was running under VirtualBox so the speed wasn’t outstanding but I have to say I liked what I saw.

Visually not much was new but the tools and utilities seem to have had a sensible make over. Installing was a breeze and faster than I remembered for any of the Vista Betas that I used.

Seems Microsoft might have learnt from the Vista debacle and made an OS with some substance.