It must be gadget buying season…

iPhone, Wii, EeePC, Tivo

The 10" EeePC1000 is out and about here in Australia. JB Hi-Fi have them for $698 which is a good deal as far as I can tell. I wanted a Dell XPS1330 or a Mac Book. Lately the choice has grown, HP, Toshiba, and Dell with the Studio all offer laptops which look the goods… Now the EeePC1000 is also available.

It is really a shame that the Rudd government to away the tax loophole for laptops.

The Tivo is finally coming to Australia… no ad skip and a fee at a later date to turn on the networking. Why can’t they just make these things easy and not try to squeeze every last cent out of the consumers?

Toy Sale – Wii for me?

Well it seems everyone is having a toy sale. Big W, K Mart, Target, and  Myer. The XBox is on sale, someone even has it for $299!!

My house wants a Wii… yes we don’t have one yet. I know it is hard to believe… They are on “sale” but are sold out EVERYWHERE!

Not much of a discount either, I think $388 is the best price I’ve seen. I guess we’ll take the plunge this weekend and hunt one down.

I want an iPhone

iPhone goes on sale tomorrow and the only network that really have 3G where I live is Telstra. Now, I have shares in these guys and I want them to make money but I don’t like been ripped off and so far they are the only Australian network not to release pricing information…

Their website is the worst out of all the players and I almost expect them to have got some crazy customisations done to the software to make it Telstra-ish.

I guess we will find out tomorrow at 8 am…