Toy Sale – Wii for me?

Well it seems everyone is having a toy sale. Big W, K Mart, Target, and  Myer. The XBox is on sale, someone even has it for $299!!

My house wants a Wii… yes we don’t have one yet. I know it is hard to believe… They are on “sale” but are sold out EVERYWHERE!

Not much of a discount either, I think $388 is the best price I’ve seen. I guess we’ll take the plunge this weekend and hunt one down.

One thought on “Toy Sale – Wii for me?”

  1. Yeah! Forget the iPhone, go a Wii instead. Heaps more fun and A will love it (You wont be able to get her off to have a turn!). If you buy try Lego Star Wars or Mario Galaxy, both good fun.

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