Even the kitchen sink

The next place that needed the water saving touch was the kitchen. The old tap was 15+ years old and was one of those nasty cheap ones that leaks, bends, paint chips off, just junk really.

It was time for a upgrade and we wanted a mixer tap. However since the old tap was one of the 3 piece systems we needed some stainless blanking plugs to cover the extra holes, Bunnings to the rescue again!

We got the actual tap from a plumbing supply store as they had a better range and we finally selected the Adelphi mixer made by Dorf.


The new kitchen tap

The tap is installed and we think it looks really good (that isn’t our sink in the photo above). Hopefully combined with our water tank we will see a difference in our water usage.

Cutting grime, cutting time, savings dollars

One of the next steps in changing our house over to using less energy and less water was the purchase of a new washing machine.
We considered several factors and not only wanted to get one that used less water and power but also one that was built to last.
The power consumption can be assessed by using the following government website – http://www.energyrating.gov.au/
The water consumption can be assessed by using the following government website – http://www.waterrating.gov.au/

Assessing how long they will last was a bit harder, we decided to stick with one of the well known European brands Miele.

We got a combo washer/dryer – front loader washer and condensing dryer

Miele WT 2670

We also wanted a model with a delay start timer since now the we have our solar panels the new meter is measuring usage at time of day so it is less expensive to run the machine between 11pm and 7am. Combined with our tank water we should be reducing our impact on the world every day. The old machine didn’t end up in land fill either, we found it a new home with a friend that was moving house and was looking for a second hand washing machine.